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02-10-2006, 3:32 PM
I am looking at ordering an ARMS #40 Flip-up rear sights, but while I was about to order it, I come to realize that there are 4 different types:

1. #40 Stand Alone Flip-Up Rear Sight - Includes ARMS modified A2 aperture which includes horizon line/notch. Has standard large (0-200m) and small (200-300m) peep apertures, with the additional horizon notch above the small peep, which is for use at 500-600 meters.

2. #40A2 - Same as above but with standard Military large/small peep apertures (no horizon notch). For use at up to 200-300 meters.

3. #40L-Low Profile - The #40L always deploys with the small peep (250-300m) aperture as primary. To switch to the large peep (close quarters) aperture, simply flip the small peep down.

4. #40L SP- Low Profile with Same Plane aperture - Same as the #40L but the small and large peeps are on the same plane with no elevation change when switching between the two.

So now that I am thoroughly confused. :confused: Should I just order the standard #40 flip-up sight?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

02-10-2006, 3:45 PM
Do you want to have 2 apertures like the standard A2 sight? If yes, then you will rule out the #40 stand alone flip-up rear sight and pick from the other 3.

The low profile versions are nice if you plan using these as backups to a riflescope. This will ensure clearance underneath the eyepiece bell.

50 Freak
02-10-2006, 4:17 PM
Just order the 40L.

They will allow you to mount a scope. Trust me on this......

Whether it is the 40L or the 40L-SP is your own choice. But make sure it is 40L period.

02-10-2006, 4:40 PM
You kind of have to watch out about flip-up sights. Many will give you windage but not elevation. Its not ment to be a tack driver at 100 yards but just enough sight to put the bullet in a human size target. Don't plan on popping coke cans with those irons.

02-10-2006, 5:18 PM
Ken, I would urge you to look at the Troy Industries flip up rear sight as well. The folks over at ar15.com seem to believe that they are not only more rugged, but also sit a little lower than even the 40L. The downside is that they are slightly more expensive and must be installed in a way that uses one more rail than the ARMS 40 series.

02-10-2006, 6:12 PM
I have owned the ARMS 40 and 40L, as well as the KAC 300m, they all work well, the 40L and KAC works great with scopes. My ACOG will clear a reg 40...I'm looking at GG&G now and will advise if I set them

02-10-2006, 6:22 PM
Head good things about the Troy and will prob use that on my next build. I run the regular ARMS #40(choice #1) and have no complaints. The #40L is out of the question for me as I don't want something that defaults to the small aperture when I'm shooting inside 100 yds, which is where I do my shooting. The same plane is nice and I prob would have gotten that if I knew about it since there will be no elevation adjustment needed when going between large and small aperture. But then again, I almost never use the small aperture anyways.