View Full Version : Met Craig Hunter Today With Hunt And Hutchens

03-27-2010, 7:28 PM

Met Chief Craig Hunter today and he answered my husbands question to the interview he had when they were looking for an appointed Sheriff. He (My Husband) asked him about the Constitutionality of what he said before the shall issue, may issue topic as to rights with restrictions, without going into the firearm issues. Good for him, (Mr. Hunter), for a great answer, however, he needs to make it clearer that he is for less restrictions of rights. Too bad he was not in the race earlier, as he is a fine gentleman, with great experience. Hopefully you can see that on the first interview below.

Although I am now living in Arizona, we maintain homes and interests in both LA and Orange Counties of California, and Florida, and are great backers of seeing political people keeping their oath of office. Mr. Hunt seems right to the point, and needs to say more about how he has worked all areas of the Sheriff's Department, and how he recieved an endorsement from fellow officers, and Mrs. Hutchens needs to not have come out of retirement to do this job, as she is obviously not happy, and seems pressured into doing it. I like her! She said that if this is a gun issue, then vote for Hunter or Hunt, now that shows integrity, which I like, as I am in charge of thousands of employees, many whom have integrity problems. Hopefully you can see what I have referenced below.

YouTube - Craig Hunter on CCW's

Hunt gets deputies’ endorsement in sheriff’s race - Total Buzz : The Orange County Register