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03-27-2010, 4:55 PM
Greetings to you all. I'm Chris AKA Lil' C ("lilc"), a graphic designer based in western Washington (with my business partner in Mountain View, CA).

I am proprietor of RKBAUSA.com, a supplier of original pro-2A T-shirts, apparel, and other gear.

My new website where you can find all my latest T-shirt designs to celebrate and support your constitutional right to keep and bear arms ("RKBA") can be found here:


I am looking forward to supporting and participating in this community.

Respect and regards,
Chris AKA Lil' C

http://www.rkbausa.com/splashts/got2/got2pix1.png (http://wwww.rkbausa.com/got2.html)http://www.rkbausa.com/splashts/ogtg/gtgiback.png (http://wwww.rkbausa.com/ogtg.html)http://www.rkbausa.com/splashts/amar/amarpix1.png (http://wwww.rkbausa.com/amar.html)http://www.rkbausa.com/splashts/wofa/wofatpx2.png (http://wwww.rkbausa.com/wofa.html)http://www.rkbausa.com/splashts/amhp/amhpblk1.png (http://wwww.rkbausa.com/amhg.html)