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03-26-2010, 7:38 PM
Of course I'm new to this forum. I keep seeing the word bump. What does it mean? Is there a place where I can look up these abbreviations.

03-26-2010, 7:42 PM
It moves a thread to the top so people can see it more easily.

03-26-2010, 7:59 PM
bump or TTT

03-26-2010, 8:42 PM
n 1: a lump on the body caused by a blow
2: something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from
a form [syn: bulge, hump, gibbosity, gibbousness,
jut, prominence, protuberance, protrusion, extrusion,
3: an impact (as from a collision); "the bump threw him off the
bicycle" [syn: blow]
v 1: knock against with force or violence; "My car bumped into
the tree" [syn: knock]
2: come upon, as if by accident; meet with; "We find this idea
in Plato"; "I happened upon the most wonderful bakery not
very far from here"; "She chanced upon an interesting book
in the bookstore the other day" [syn: find, happen, chance,
3: dance erotically or dance with the pelvis thrust forward;
"bump and grind"
4: assign to a lower position; reduce in rank; "She was demoted
because she always speaks up"; "He was broken down to
Sargeant" [syn: demote, relegate, break, kick
downstairs] promote]
5: remove or force from a position of dwelling previously
occupied; "The new employee dislodged her by moving into
her office space" [syn: dislodge, displace]
6: respond to an online forum thread and thereby move it to
the top of the list so that it will receive more exposure

good one:hurray:

03-26-2010, 8:46 PM
not to steal the thread, but also whats "2 weeks?"