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02-07-2006, 4:03 PM
just ordered an FN SLP, but the 11-87 bug is still active... (and have a buddy looking as well)...

i am looking at the current turners special for a 'Sportsman Special Purpose 18" and although its not a smoking deal, it is a great savings over a Police model,... so here is the question... What are the differences between the Police and Special Purpose...

$569, bead sight

$800ish, rifle sight? $850ish ghost ring?

-sights? maybe the special purpose is the plastic trigger guard and police is alum.? Parkerized P versus something else on the SP?

any imput would be appreciated.,, thanks

02-07-2006, 9:21 PM
I really enjoy semi-auto shotties. An 1187 (or Benelli, if I man up the funds) is on my short list.

Beads are fine, but I prefer ghost rings. What you intend to use it for is what may help determine what sights you choose.

02-07-2006, 9:26 PM
Police/tactical models have steel receivers, metal trigger guards and heavier barrels.

SP models have aluminum receivers, plastic trigger guards, and lighter barrels.

Mesa Tactical
02-08-2006, 5:20 AM
Police/tactical models have steel receivers, metal trigger guards and heavier barrels.

SP models have aluminum receivers, plastic trigger guards, and lighter barrels.

All Remingtons have steel receivers.

02-13-2006, 3:07 PM
I have the 1187 Police with rifle sights and it is *****EN'!!

02-13-2006, 3:25 PM
All Remingtons have steel receivers.

This is true. That's one reason to buy them.

I'm not sure about the trigger guard on the LE vs. the Sportsman; my experiences with the plastic trigger assembly on an 870 have been quite positive, though I probably only have 5,000 rounds through it so far.

HOWEVER... I'd buy the LE for a few reasons.

The plastic trigger guard on my 870 Express is the only thing but the stock that doesn't have to be wiped down with Bullfrog Gun Wipes after I sweat on it or get it wet in the brush. The thing loves to rust. Granted, the Bullfrog wipes the rust right off, but the surface is still rust prone. I might Duracoat the receiver now that it's no longer bird season and I'm getting a real trap gun.

The Sportsman has the same "finish" if you can call it a finish. I'd be wary of leaving it under the bed for a long time without paying attention to it.

The LE version is Parkerized. I only have one phosphate-finished gun, and now I want ALL my working guns to be Parkerized! It's good stuff, and worth the extra money.

The LE version has a brutal Polypropylene stock. I'm not sure what plastic they use for the Sportsman, but I don't think it's as durable.

Finally, the LE version has an extended magazine.

If you look closely, you can see the extra $200. I'd get the LE unless I just wanted a (relatively) cheap hunting gun and just HAVE to have an autoloader for my 3 shots. I'll keep my 870 for that, though.

Frankly, I have looked at the Sportsman and I believe it's not a great deal. For a little more money I can get the 11-87 Premier, with pretty and more rust-resistant polished blue, nice walnut, lighter weight and better balance, or a Law Enforcement version with the advantages above.

02-13-2006, 4:00 PM
great, thanks guys, just what i needed to hear

02-13-2006, 10:54 PM
All Remingtons have steel receivers.

Got mixed up between 590's and 590A1s. lol

02-16-2006, 4:31 PM
just found a 'like new' 11-87 Police, rifle sights for $440, drossed it today

i figure i am set for shotguns,... for ever
11-87 Police
Remmy 870 (spec-ops and vang comp)...

just a few bbl changes and i am superman.... :) thanks all for the advice... i am sure i will love the 11-87 P

03-04-2006, 4:21 PM
Went to the range today with:
-11-87P rifle sights, new to me (“under 100rds through it previously” but looks like it doesnt even have that through it... )
-FN SLP (self loading Police model) Ghost Ring

Ammo, all 2.3/4:
-Wolf 1 1/8oz, #8
-Winchester (wally box) 1.1/8thoz, #7.1/2
-Fed. Tact. Police 00B 1oz
-Fed. Tact. Police rifled slugs 1oz

Both cleaned prior to shooting as per instructions....

The 11-87P really feals like a solid shotgun, not heafty enough to warrant a complaint, but very substantial feeling in the hand. Shooting clays, i found it pointed and connected great, better than the SLP, but that may be my bias as my ‘go-to’ shotgun is an 870, with similar ergonomics of the 11-87. The park on it is nice, and the action is smooth (though not as smooth as the SLP’s.

Dislike the ‘release’ button on the elevator, that must be pushed to release the bolt foward, or to allow the elevator to go up prior to loading (each time this must be depressed). Sort of poor design imo.

Firstly, shooting the Wolf, all rounds fired, but the action would not cycle once. The Bolt never came back enough to eject, let alone feed another shot. The Winchester saw no difference, so shooting clay and manually cycling the bolt. Doing this, i found the extractor did not grab with as much authority as i would like... (may need to address in the future?)

Shooting the slugs, every round dydled perfectly, and with the rifle sights, i was just digging a hole at 100yds. grouping within 5” seemed to be the norm for 25rds@100yds... definately minute of man- no problem. Out to 200yds man sized targets are no problem (hit the 10” plate regularly, and when missed i was really close)... this was cool imo. Also, for a slug gun- it was a pleasure to shoot, lightly recoiling (def. softer than the SLP, which was not so bad either)...

Shooting 00B she cycled but not quite as fast as i would have liked, and seamed to be getting slower to the end of the day (now having had about 150rds of assorted stuff through her)...

The SLP is finished nicely, very lightweight. The size grew on me through the day, as at first i found it a little fat (fatter foregrip and i am used to) but by the end of the day, i may prefer this?.... The bolt release is on the side (where i prefer it) and that elevator button/relase of the 11-87 is absent on the slp, which is better for me. I did note that when loading, the positive lock of the round into the mag tube is less authoritive than the 11-87, leading me to load a round and not depress it enough so that it holds in, and then backs out before the next round goes in... this happened more than once. I feel the depth that you must depress the round to catch is quite deeper than the 11-87, which i am not too fond of.

Shooting clays, neither the wolf or Winchester would eject or cycle at all. I had to manually work her each time (and this was using the ‘light loads’ insert, made for loads under 1.5oz( shotgun comes with another gas insert for loads over 1.5oz). I was really dissapointed that she would not cycle the light stuff, especially considering the insert just for this purpose.

The Ghost ring setup was at first much harder for me to use on clay, and aquire target, but by the end of the day, i was getting close to the same number of hits as with the remmy.

Slugs functioned fantastic, and cycled nice and fast, as did the 00B, both ejecting c leanly. Noting light recoil but heavier than the 11-87. With the Ghost rings, my 100yd slug groups were about 1.5’ spread (foot, not inch), and then i stuck a little tasco red dot ($25Midway sale) on her, and i was digging the same tight hole as with the rifle sights on the remmy...

Wished both cycled lighter stuff they way they did the 00b/slugs, and that they cycled the 00b/slugs harder and faster- as that would be my pref.

Thats all so far,... may do some ‘work’ on them and take them out again...

Oh, and so you know my bias/personality... my go to guns (and have many diff. variety to go to, but first pick is always the same). 1. Glock21 (.45 with grip reduction, meps, and M6x laser/light combo) and 2. Remmington 870, basic lightweight express, with knoxx specops and vang comp system- shoot them all day/night, and nary a target would be safe if i wanted it... 100% function, with form to follow- cant say enough about my 870- i really love her-

Have had an M1s90 and 1201fp back when i was in college (some 13yrs ago) and sold them both. They functioned great (as far as i recall), and were light weight which i love, but they were just not a joy to shoot, and kicked a bit too much for my tastes, and were pure punishment to spend the day slugging, where the 11-87 is a pleasure for that purpose

03-04-2006, 7:27 PM
Congrats on the new purchases. I bought an 11-87 Police about two years ago and went through a lot of the same problems. The bolt release situated on the bottom of the shell carrier is not my favorite design point. You can get a tactical release that extends the button a full or half length of the shell carrier. This allows you to load the round into the weapon system exactly as you would with an 870. I believe the part is made by Dave Lahver. Sorry, can't remember the correct spelling and I am away from my files. Fantastic addition. It makes my 1187 the fastest tactical shotgun I have ever used. As for light loads I have found that I can get my weapon to use Walmart federal Fodder. Someone once told me to function the weapon the load needed to have a one dram equivalent but I cannot confirm this. I have polished the chamber, the exterior of the magazine where the gas system rides, and the gas rings with flitz. A light coating of a good oil, not CLP Break Free, and your weapon system should feed whatever light load you come across. Its great because you can barely feel any recoil and I can enjoy my 1187 for a super cheap price. Fore home defense I only use federal OO buck but for cheap practise the 250 round blue boxes at walmart are great. I tried a tactical bolt handle but the extra weight made the bolt too heavy and would not function light loads. Same went for the sidesaddle shot shell holder. For some reason it added added weight which reduced recoil and failed to function the bolt. The sidesaddle also meant it no longer fit in the locking mount underneath the bed so no loss there. If you need more than 7 OO buck you need something more than a shotgun.

06-14-2006, 6:21 PM



like driving in a convertable along the coastline,... sweetness-

All things considered, my cheapy 870 express with added Knoxx stock and Vang BBl is my favorite....