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03-20-2010, 6:05 PM
I have decided to get a Schmidt-Rubin to add to my collection of C&R rifles. Which model would you guys suggest? I don't know much about these rifles so any other info (ammo prices and availability, etc.) would be appreciated.

03-20-2010, 6:34 PM
The K11 and K31 both shoot the same ammo (GP11).
It's only the older ones that shoot a harder to find ammo.

I really, really like my K31 but when I picked mine up there was a fairly significant price delta between the two. Now, I believe the prices are much closer than they were ~2 years ago.

If you find a good price on a K31, go for it.

03-20-2010, 7:07 PM
I've only had my K31 for a few months but so far it's fun to shoot and beautiful just to look at, the workmanship on the K31 (and probably K11 too) is that nice.

Ammo is either surplus GP11, which is Berdan primed FMJ or PRVI Partizan (also sold under Wolf label) which is boxer primed and reloadable FMJ or soft point. Sometimes the ammo can be tricky to hunt down, GP11 availability kinda comes in waves, and PRVI goes for about $0.83 a round at its lowest. GP11 is about $0.50 a round but it is match grade. Norma and Hornady also make ammo but it is way expensive.

03-20-2010, 11:04 PM
I have both; to me the K11's action is a bit smoother, the K31 is a bit more accurate. Your choice.

03-21-2010, 9:14 AM
both extremely fine rifles, get whatever is available when you're ready, that's how i make my decisions, lol.

03-21-2010, 9:44 PM
Thanks guys, I think I'm going to stick with the K-31.

Dr. Peter Venkman
03-21-2010, 11:12 PM
Get both!

Too Slow
03-22-2010, 9:00 AM
Here are a few:


03-22-2010, 4:12 PM
When you get either or both, don't forget to go here
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03-23-2010, 7:29 AM
The K31 can be fitted with the diopter target sights and the Swiss Products clamp-on scope mount, so that makes it more versatile. Also, parts are more freely available.

03-24-2010, 11:50 PM
I have a K-31, its actually my favorite rifle out of my whole collection.

03-25-2010, 3:16 PM
As I understand it, the K-31 i supposed to the the 'AKM' of the Schmidt-Rubin family--if you will. You know, the improved/modernized version.

While they are both straight-pull, their parts are different.

03-26-2010, 10:42 AM
The K31s action is shorter and stronger and the barrel is heavier than the K11 although the K11 action is plenty strong for what it needs to do.