View Full Version : WTS Savage 340 peep, stock, magazines

03-20-2010, 3:30 PM
I have a new Williams Foolproof peep with taget knobs to fit a Savage 340. $60 shipped to your door. Williams is getting better than 75 bucks for this sight! SOLD!

Also have a pretty clean Savage 340 stock, pressed checkering, plastic buttplate, appears to be very tight grained birch. Overall condition is good, one or two teeny bruises. Finish is scratched, but wood is intact underneath. Small patch on bottom of stock where finish has scraped off, again, no damage to wood. Great candidate for refinishing. $50 shipped to your door.

Last, two new Twin Pine replacement magazines. Brownells gets 31 bucks apiece for these. How does 50 dollars American for the pair sound shipped? SOLD!

Stock still available!