View Full Version : WTB USGI M1 Carbine for CMP Eastern Games

03-18-2010, 4:33 PM
Hey friends on the left coast. I am having a terrible time finding an M1 Carbine in Georgia. I am looking for an excellent condition M1 Carbine for the Eastern CMP games. Not so much interested in maker as I am in quality of wood and barrel. I have seen some wonderful M1 Carbines on this site recently.

Prefer flat bolt, nice USGI wood, adjustable rear site, and great barrel. I have turned to my brothers on the West coast for some help. I have a valid/current C&R license and am a longtime service rifleman.

Please call Jason at (678) 358-9927 or PM. I can e-mail high-res photo of C&R license so you can varifly via EZ FFL check.

I have positive feedback with same username on the Georgia Outdoor Network Forum and gunbroker.com.

If you gentleman know of anyone with a great M1 Carbine that is looking to sell please pass on my contact info.

03-21-2010, 5:48 AM