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03-17-2010, 11:59 AM
With the winter season getting set to close down at the end of the month I was excited for this trip. Soon a lot of the waters (that did not close at the end of NOV) in Idaho will be shut down until Memorial Day.

A quick check of the weather forecast called for highs in the mid 60s with light winds 12-14 mph. Ok mid 60s with light winds does not seem bad. Plus with the temps where they have been the past few days’ skwalas were expected on the water. I was excited about the prospect of fishing big bushy dries, however sometimes things don’t go as “forecasted”.

Jeremy and I decided that we wanted to get up there just before first light. So I woke up at 0500, got my stuff in the car, and was out the door by 0530. I arrived at his house, put his stuff in the car, and we were on our way just before 0600.

When we got off the freeway at our exit; we stopped off at the drive through for a quick bite to eat. We drove into the mountains toward our destination. Once we were down in the canyon we drove to the first spot we wanted to fish. It was quite noticeable the forecast had the wind part really wrong.

We got to the spot and got out. We were greeted by 15+ mph winds. Oh well we are here to fish, and started to get ready. In the process of putting on my waders I noticed a large flock of wild turkeys on the opposite side of the river. I attempted to take a pic, however at this point the sun was not up yet and the pic turned out really crappy.


After rigging up I made my way down to the river and began to fish. On my second cast I had a strike and it was fish on. I fought the fish for a little while when……you guessed it, it was LDR time. I ended up hooking and LDRing one right after that too

He was fishing the other side of the river and hooked a nice fish. This fish had some decent power. Jeremy was fighting it when……Another LDR. . Jeremy said “I see what kind of day this is going to be”. Each of us ended up starting off the day with about 5 LDRs apiece.

In the mean time the sun came over the mountains. At this time the wind really began to pick up to around 25 mph. This made the fishing experience quite “enjoyable”. I decided to fish another area across the river. While I was over there I saw one skwala adult on the water. I said to Jeremy “Holy crap if this wind ever dies down this could be epic”. We also started to see some midges on the water.

Meanwhile on the other side of the river Jeremy hooked and landed a nice sized whitefish. Then on his next cast he landed another. I yelled to him “well at least you are not skunked anymore”. After not getting anything other than tangled up due to the wind on the other side I decided to cross back over. We both decided to get back into the car and go check out some other spots.




Even though it was a Tuesday it was crowded on the river. Every spot we wanted to hit had a car or truck parked in the turnout for that spot. So we decided to head back down to the spot where we started. When we got back the wind had really picked up to the point where it was quite visibly disturbing the water’s surface. I got back out and resumed fishing.


It did not take long before I got a strike. This time I was able to land the fish which turned out to be a whitefish. During the next few hours I ended up landing so many whitefish that I lost count. By this point it had warmed up to around 48 degrees and we saw some BWOs trying to come off. However the wind basically blew them all over.

Jeremy crossed the river and fished the other side. While he was over there I fished another part of the run. While I was fishing I got a huge strike. I fought this guy for a bit and he took a few good runs stripping a decent amount of line. However as I got him in closer he managed to shake the hook. I cast again and hooked another. The fight was just like the first one. Unfortunately he too managed to get off the hook. I tried again and hooked another, this guy fought exactly like the last two. I said to Jeremy “watch it be a frickin sucker”. Well as luck would have it when I got him in to where I could see him it was indeed a sucker. This guy was bigger than my net; I banked him and removed the hook.

I went right back to fishing, then it happened. My line was at the end of its drift and I was waiting for a gust to die down before I cast again. While the line was sitting there I felt a strike. I set the hook and it was fish on. I could tell by the fight that it was not a whitefish or a sucker. I was rewarded with this little feisty bow.


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03-17-2010, 11:59 AM
Meanwhile on the other side Jeremy hooked another fish. From the other side of the river I could tell that it was a decent fish. He fought and landed the fish. For his efforts he was rewarded with a nice sized bow.

It was still extremely windy but I saw a nice fish rise. I cast to that fish and hooked up with him. From how he fought I could tell that he was a bit larger than my first bow. This was verified when I landed him. Although he was not huge or anything, he still was a nice fish.




We fished for a bit longer and caught some more fish. Despite the wind and the river being busy it was not a bad day. We landed a ton of whitefish, I landed a 25+” sucker, and we landed some nice bows. I hope you enjoyed my report. Here are some more pics.




03-31-2010, 9:58 AM
cool pics - thanks for sharing

03-31-2010, 10:08 AM
I've been trying to convince my fiancee to move out of state to the Northwest around the Washington, Idaho area. Every time you post an outing with pics it makes me try a convince her even more. Very nice and thanks for sharing.

03-31-2010, 11:29 PM
We are full here ;)