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03-17-2010, 11:21 AM
Hey folks,

AllSafe Defense in Orange has a "Firearms and the Law" class on Saturday, March 27 at 7pm. It is only $20.


From the description:

Many people think they can shoot an intruder in their home. As a result, they could lose their home and be in debt--or in jail--for the rest of their lives!

Using lethal force to defend yourself poses extreme legal hazards. It is critically important for people who maintain a firearm for home defense to understand the lawful and responsible use of that weapon.

Highly experienced attorneys and a law enforcement officer from a local Sheriff's Office will be making themselves available to explain the specific California penal codes that limit and regulate the use of force in this state. Tim Weiner from the California Department of Justice will be joined by Ted Kreps, a private practice attorney to present this very important seminar. Phil McVey will be representing the point of view of law enforcement. All three men are avid shooters and NRA Certified Firearms Instructors who understand the plight of California gun owners. TJ Johnston will moderate.

To sign up, download an enrollment form and send it in with your check. You'll receive a confirmation via E-mail.

Just print and fill out the form (http://allsafedefense.com/images/Forms/EnrollmentForm-FirearmsLaw.pdf) and mail it in with a $20 check and you'll get a confirmation via e-mail.

For those that are not familiar with the incredibly restrictive CA laws regarding using a firearm for self defense, or if you don't know exactly what to do after a self-defense shooting, I would strongly encourage you to attend this class, or another one like it.

I got a glimpse of some of the content when I attended the classroom portion of the AllSafe Basic Handgun (http://allsafedefense.com/Courses/AllSafeHandgun.htm) course, and it was very informative, so I'm looking forward to this discussion to learn more.

I will be there! Reply or PM me if you are attending.


03-17-2010, 12:32 PM
shouldn't this really be in the "training" forum?

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shouldn't this really be in the "training" forum?

I chose this one because the title included "and Laws", but if Training is more appropriate, I'm fine if someone can move it.