View Full Version : Cleaning B/A

03-11-2010, 7:25 AM
With my previous thread about coating. I have decided to really clean down the gun until I can get it coated. I removed the top bases, and when put back on need to be torqued at 15in/lbs. I removed the trigger and stock so all I'm left with is the bolt and B/A. I don't have a tool to take apart the bolt so that will just have to stay as is.

My main question is what should I use to degrease and clean the whole barreled action? Are there specific chemicals I should avoid? Is there a certain procedure I should follow?

The reason I'm doing this is because I'm not the first owner of the gun. It was developing some oxidation not full on rust but the rags were redish brown. Also the original owner used some kind or red grease, and used a lot of it. There seems to be quite a bit around the base of the barrel. I just want to remove all the grease and rust so I can take care of it like my other guns.

Thanks in advance!

PS: excuse my bad spelling and grammar. I'm on my iPhone and the keyboard sucks.