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Nightforce NXS 2.5-10 x 24

This sale is also listed on Ebay. See the link below. If a local buys it, I can do a FTF to save on shipping.

www.eBay.com. The auction # is 300404548141

The Compact NXS series with 24mm objective lenses has proven that a scope needn’t be massive to provide exceptional performance.

So, you can imagine the performance you’ll enjoy with our new 2.5-10 x 24. It is designed to answer the requests of hunters for a larger objective lens with even more low-light capability, yet in a compact, lightweight, streamlined instrument that complements—not overwhelms—a hunting rifle

Shown with target turrets.
MIL-DOT: Field tactical

This MIL-DOT is designed for field tactical and long-range field applications. Unlike many MIL-DOT reticles, this design features a hollow dot that will not obscure the target. This reticle is designed for fast range estimation and target acquisition in tactical situations.


Developed by the military, the mil-dot reticle allows the sniper to estimate the range to his target. The mil-dot is now the standard reticle found in law enforcement rifle scopes. The term itself, mil-dot, refers to a trigonometric function called milliradian and a dot, which appears as a series of round shaped reference points located on the reticle. Advanced developments at Nightforce have resulted in the creation of a new style of mil-dot reticle. Rather than the solid dots that obscure most of the target, the Nightforce mil-dot reticle consists of see-through round dots which are placed on the vertical and horizontal cross lines that serve as reference points. In addition, all four posts are also see-through. Because both the dots and posts are clear, the target is no longer obscured. As a result, these features enable the sniper to more accurately estimate the range to his target. The dots are spaced precisely 1 mil apart which represents 3.6 inches at 100 yards at specified power. The mil-dot design is etched on precision multi-coated compound glass. This eliminates breakage and misalignment of the reticle. Because of Nightforce’s illumination technology, the glass etched reticle glows red and can be illuminated at different intensities. This flexibility ensures excellent reticle contrast in low light when illuminated or a well-defined black reticle when not illuminated.

I am selling this scope due to lack of use. It was mounted and shot during a few classes. I have since decided to stick with a no magnification optic. The scope is in excellant condition.

The turret adjustments are 0.25 MOA.

Bidding starts at $800.

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ebay link not working. Says item has been removed.

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Is $800 the asking price?

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Sorry working from my phone. The auction # is 300404548141.

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No bidding per the rules.:chris:

If you want to edit your post and list a price you will take we can open it back up.