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02-01-2006, 1:14 PM
The stripped lowers have arrived that were ordered at the Ventura Gun Show Last month for delivery at the Costa mesa Gun show being held at the orange County Fairgrounds this weekend 2-4-06 thru 2-5-06. All those that ordered stripped lowers and firearms will need to bring a Calif. approved lock and receipt dated within the last 30 days before pickup "DOJ requirment". Exemptions to the Calif. approved lock law would be to sign an affadavit stating make and model of Calif. approved SAFE or LOCK box. I'll also have for sale, at great expense overnight delivery, 33 stripped lowers, to be transfered locally at the Gun Show. Sorry 'bout the mix up on the $4 sign, the intent was to stop people from walking off with the " A California AR/AK " Series " Assault weapon FAQ". explanation, at gun shows if there is no price tag on an item people tend to walk off with them. None were sold , two were given away at a cost of $2.50 each. and all were told to go to CALGUNS.NET or AR15.COM for a copy. There were some comments about it. ie: " do you believe every thing posted on the internet" no, look it up yourself then? Many thanks to William M. Wiese Jr. for helping to inform the public. Bill if it's ok with you I would like to give a copy to all those that ordered a stripped lower receiver from me.
I'll also have some armalite upper receivers at the show. when I ordered the uppers they were out and needed to be back ordered, I told her I was in California and needed them for the gun show in 3 weeks, she said she would take them off of whole rifles and ship them .
If anyone wants in on the receivers call me , and find an FFL to DROS it thursday .I can transfer it to the Dealer at the show this weekend. there $179 ea. Forged $120 carbon fiber
Sonoma Firearms 916-761-0209 John

02-01-2006, 4:22 PM
Rich,s Arms will transfer this weekend at the gun Show, Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa He's in Whittier