View Full Version : WTT/OBO: I want to trade Turners $350 gift certificate for $330 cash or 22LR pistol

03-08-2010, 1:14 AM
WTT/OBO: Turners $350 gift certificate for $330 cash or a 22LR pistol

So here is the deal. I have $346.53 reserved for a "Special Make Ruger 10/22" at Turners fully paid off (The $289 Ruger+TAX+DROS+Gun Lock = 346.53). Well, they haven't had it in stock for weeks so I was never able to start my DROS on the gun. So I went to Big5 and found a 22LR rifle deal that I could not ignore and purchased the gun. Now I have money at Turners that I cannot refund or else i will be charged a 30% restocking fee of $103.96! :mad:

So here are my options:
1. I Trade my $346.53 of Turners money for $330 cash
2. Trade it for a 22LR pistol that HAD a value a little greater than $350 and depreciated in value (Sig Mosquito, p22 or just make an offer)
3. I wait for my 10/22 and get ANOTHER 22LR rifle which i do not want anymore

Now if you are going to trade me for cash. Remember you can only use that Turner's money on a gun equal or greater than $289.00. Someone pleEase help me out.

03-08-2010, 7:18 AM
Where R U located?