View Full Version : WTT 2 very nice Romy G parts kits, 2 sten mk 2 kits

03-07-2010, 3:39 PM
Im starting to think that I will never be able to have time to complete some of my builds so Im looking to sell or trade off some of my parts kits.
I have two very nice Romainian G ak47 parts kits. these are both complete except for one is missing the fcg. The other one has a tapco kit I believe. I have started to remove the scrap metal etc to get kits ready. Barrels are excellent original barrels, I believe the numbers are matching but Ill have to check, but they are def not mix master kits.
Next I have 2 very nice sten mark 2 kits, they are in great condition, still in the cosmoline. These are early import kits with very nice "saw cuts" not torched. These kits are very very scarce.
Im going to value all these kits for around $300 each, Im more interested in trades than I am in cash. Looking to trade kits together or individually for complete firearms, ie my 2 romy g kits for 1 complete very nice ak. C&R weapons are good too. Shoot me some trades guys and Ill try to find some pics.

03-08-2010, 3:11 AM
PM sent

03-08-2010, 6:50 AM
I have a Saiga .223 like new condition 300 rounds all brass down the pipe
Saiga .223
Bulgarian FSB
Bulgarian GB
Bulgarian ZZ F/Hider
Bulgarian GT
Bulgarian PG screw & nut
Bulgarian 1000m Leaf Site
Dang Zing HG Retainer
Hungarian SA85 Blond Wood Set
Tapco G2 FCG
Tapco PG
ProMag 30 rnd rebuild kit.
Bullet Guide installed
if you are interested in this rifle for trade email me at jroberts1968@hotmail.com

03-08-2010, 1:44 PM
What about this one
Virgin Yugo M70 UF
AK Builder Rivets
ProMag 30 rnd (922)

This is a bad *** rifle guys. 120 rounds for function not one hick up


03-08-2010, 5:02 PM
im considering a couple offers right now guys, jroberts, you build some beautiful rifles, im sorely tempted!

03-08-2010, 5:08 PM
I am in need of a few g kits what would it take to get the deal done?