View Full Version : 2 Mausers for sale in Kern County

03-07-2010, 7:06 AM
Title says it all.

#1. Yugo 24/47, matching numbers. Only fired by me once. Need room in the safe. Bore is good. Rifle has 3 small issues. Handgaurd retaining screw in front of sight is broken off, but does not affect anything. Ding on top barrel behind front sight, and wierd stock repair that appears to be a circular plug in the pistol grip area of the stock. Price $150. SOLD.
I am posting two pics of the Yugo, more are availible.
#2. Brazilain 1908 Mauser. Long barreled 7mm. Essentialy a parts gun. I got it as a barreled receiver, with no bolt or wood. Bored looked decent, so I found a Brno bolt that would headspace and a stock and put it all together. Handgaurd is not proper. I have never fired it. No 7mm ammo, and I didn't want to load for another caliber. If nothing else, it is a decent action for a build. Price $100.