View Full Version : Have 9mm snap caps, will trade some for .45 snap caps

03-05-2010, 1:12 PM
just got my first .45 so i want some snap caps to dry fire.

i don't like how the companies want to sell you 5 in a pack, i only really need 2.

so i have two a-zoom 9mm snap caps here to trade for two .45 snap caps.

we help each other out and save some money :-)

The Sauce
03-05-2010, 1:47 PM
I have A .45acp snap cap that I will trade you for A 9mm snap cap lol.

I bought a gun that came with one.

03-05-2010, 1:48 PM
already have an agreement to get the snap caps from another calgunner. geez that was less than an hour :-)

03-05-2010, 1:57 PM
I'll buy em off you if the price is right let me know thanks!