View Full Version : Looking for a weaponlight for an AK

03-05-2010, 11:29 AM
I am looking for something intergrated into the fore end like this
Unfortunately the one pictured cost just as much as my rifle. I like having a light but also like it being integrated so its less cluttered and more simple than rails. Anyone able to help me out with it? Not asking for something dirt cheap but also not an arm and a leg :D

03-05-2010, 11:36 AM
Are you looking for something specifically for the Krinkov, or do you want generic AK? Stamped or milled?

03-05-2010, 12:33 PM
I have a tantal. It would be for that :) I am looking for something similar to the one pictured but I dont think that one would fit my rifle

EBR Works
03-05-2010, 12:42 PM
Hey, it's an AK! This kind of HD setup might work if you are strapped for cash. ;)


03-05-2010, 12:57 PM
HAHAHA! Dont laugh, I actually did that one drill when they handed us the 20" muskets. I taped a surefire to my fore end then my squad started doing that :p
It looked like *** but it work :D

Not THAT strapped for cash. I just dont want to spend 400 bucks on something that isnt a surefire at least.

03-05-2010, 1:02 PM
I really don't think anything like that exists for anything other than the Krinks. Considering they are shorter and more for CQB, it kinda makes sense. You might just have to get a (dare I say) Tapco semi-railed forearm and spend the money you save on a good light. That way you can mount it on the side or the bottom, whatever is more comfortable for you.


03-05-2010, 1:04 PM
i was afraid of that... I should just build a krink then. I hate crap sticking out of the sides and bottoms on rails and in fact I'm really sick of rails now lol. I liked that because it looked clean.

03-05-2010, 1:14 PM
The duct tape picture was pretty funny, but it does bring up a good point, have you thought about making one?

For example, buy a synthetic forearm, and then make a light sheath for whatever you plan on putting on it (Surefire, etc). And either find or mold another synthetic piece that you can fit the light in and then attach by screw/epoxy/whatever.

It might turn into a fun experiment, and give you a unique accessory, not to mention huge calgun bragging rights!