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03-05-2010, 10:57 AM
I just a Calgunner NOT a retailer. This originally came to me through Sniper's Hide. I'm passing it along. I getting one and have 5 othre CG's buying. The saving are great.
Group buy will end 03/12/2010

BR 8-12 1060.
BR 12-42 1173.
NSX 8-32 1502.
NSX 12-42 1611.
5-22X56 MLR MIL DOT 1400.
3-15X50 MLR, .1 MIL RAD, ZERO STOPS 1510.
3.5-15X50 MLR MIL DOT, ZERO STOPS 1450.
3.5-15X50 MLR,.10 MIL F1 FIRST FF 1948.

Above are examples of what I have orders for.
NIB- Any NF product pick your Retical, etc.
You pay shipping. Approximate shipping date 04/14/2010.
Ben Serebreni

Money will be sent to dealer and shiped directly to you.