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03-04-2010, 1:20 PM
My fiance loves my Saiga 223. I recently bought a Saiga in 7.62. In order to make her resent my AKdiction (funny play on words!!!) a little less, I told her we could make-over the 223 (her favorite rifle in my collection). She wants it Teal.

I figured I could either paint the reciever teal and chrome the bolt and bolt carrier, or I could paint the bolt and bolt carrier teal and leave the rest black. She likes both. I figure a teal bolt and carrier would be cheaper.

Now my concerns...

There's a local shop that does powder coating. Powder coating the bolt carrier (minus the piston) would probably be the cheapest, and she'd dig it. But how would the powder coating stand up to wear and tear? It's a light color, so my guess is that it would scuff and scratch pretty easily. But I have no experience with powder coating.

If I went chrome bolt assembly and teal receiver, it would be more expensive, and I'd have to take what is obviously a firearm to some shop where I don't know anyone. To top it off, I'm not aware of any local source for chrome dipping. As an alternative, I could just strip the entire bolt assembly and buff the daylights out of it. But what kind of protective finishes can I apply at home (other than keeping it oiled) to prevent rust?

I've never done much metal finishing. I'd appreciate the advice. And if anyone knows what powder coating services typically run, I'd appreciate some numbers to plan for. :)

cj cake
03-04-2010, 3:09 PM
I think powder coating the bolt and carrier is a bad idea. If you want to refinish it in teal, and need it to be durable, look into duracoat. I'd duracoat the rifle and just bead blast the bolt and carrier, then oil it up. It is usually applied by gunsmiths or someone used to handling firearms, so there is no concern about leaving at some unfamiliar powder coating shop where it might disappear:eek:

03-04-2010, 4:26 PM
Why not get the stock, handguards, (and maybe the safety) and magazines duracoated in teal, and then buff up the bolt carrier. It should stay nice and shiny with regular gun gun oil. It buffed up the bolt carrier on my M72 RPK, and it still has a chrome-like shine 2.5 years on.

I think if you duracoat the whole rifle in Teal, it will look like a toy gun. Cheaper too. The two-tone look at least leaves an element of seriousness to the rifle. Here's a quick mock-up:


03-04-2010, 6:49 PM
I wanted to stay away from doing anything to the stock, I wanted to go for a smaller surface area. I'll look into duracoat a bit more. Thanks for the advice!

03-04-2010, 7:37 PM
Yeah, duracoat it.