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03-03-2010, 1:21 PM

I have a stevens 200 chambered in .308. Has had exactly 20 rounds down the barrel, no more, no less.

for those not in the know, the stevens 200 in question is in actuality a savage 110 action, without the savage goodies. i originally bought it planning to replace the barrel and stock. be aware this is the newer style center feeding action, which means you can use detachable box magazines (9rds) such as the ones sharp shooter supply sells, if your stock will allow it.

i mounted a picatinny rail and a centerpoint 4-16x40 scope on it (total cost for scope, rings, and mount ~ $175). the rifle itself cost ~$275 out the door.

i'll throw in a box of .308 that i have (20 rounds).

I'm willing to let this go for $SOLD OBO. that means make me an offer if you think my price is too high.

if you're a member over on snipercentral, this is the model of rifle they used in their budget sub-moa build.

Alternately, here's a list of potential trades (but i'm always interested in whatever you might have):

-reloading eqipment (dies, presses, etc)
-bullets (.223, 45acp preferably)
-brass (.223 mainly)
-magazine rebuild kits (glock 21 standard capacity, any ar-15 incl. beta c-mag parts)
-ar lowers/uppers

I am located in south orange county (laguna hills). Can meet anywhere within reason. I live about 2 minutes from OC Armory so that is my preference if possible. If you want to talk about shipping, I'm open to it but have never done it in the past so I would need info on how to go about doing that from you.

this is not mine, but is identical to the base rifle.


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Stevens 200s shoot rings around much higher priced rifles, good luck. This should go quick.

03-05-2010, 6:56 AM