View Full Version : WTT Ruger p90 for revolver

03-02-2010, 8:16 PM
looking to trade a Ruger p90 ( special edition not sure what it means it jsut says that on the box) comes with a box two mags a lock and a loading tool. I bought it from a member here shot it a few times and then never used it again.
Looking for a trade ONLY.
What im looking for is a ultralite 357 revolver with a 3 inch barrel. looking for a straight across trade. My gun is in exceptional shape with all its accessories and yours shoudl be in good shape also. I dont care abotu a timy nick or small scratch i just don't want somethign thats beat.
I value this gun at about 420$ so your gun shoudl be in that price range. I also have abotu 1000 rounds of WBB Magtech and Remington new in box brass ammo that i can sell to you also. Will trade ammo also if you have ammo for trade etc.
Im in orange county and looking for a face to face trade.
The revolver is for my wife. She did not liek the 22 i got her cause it was a automatic so i sold it.
PM me if you are looking to trade to a automatic.