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01-27-2006, 10:14 PM
A week ago my home computer stopped displaying all icons and smileys on Calgun pages. I fixed the problem today, just thought I'd post the fix in case somebody else is having same problem.
Problem was due to Norton Intenet Security, after some research I found the fix on Symantec website:

You want Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall to pass referrer information to a specific Web page.

Some Web pages require referrer information before allowing you to view their page. If you want to allow referrer information to pass to a particular Web page, you must create a rule for it.

To create a rule that permits referrer information

1. Open Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall.
2. Do one of the following.
In Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall 2003: Click Options > Internet Security, and then click the Web Content tab.
In Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall 2004 or newer: Double-click Privacy Control, and then click Advanced.
3. In the bottom of the Advanced window, click Add Site.
4. In the New Site/Domain box, type the name of the site that you want to receive the referrer information, and click OK.
The site name appears in the left frame of the Options window.
5. Click the name of the new site.
6. On the Global Settings tab, under the Information about visited sites section, uncheck Use default settings.
7. Click Permit.
8. Click OK to close the Options window.

01-28-2006, 4:54 PM
Tried to put a face on a note.....and the smiles still don't work

02-02-2006, 8:38 AM
I've been having the same problem. I don't run any of the Norton software that you mentioned, but your posting clued me in to the problem anyway. I had configured my browser (Firefox) to not send referer information. I turned that back on, and the icons and smileys came back. Thanks!