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03-02-2010, 9:16 AM
Stopped at 2 Walmarts and a Turners yesterday.

Both Walmarts had Federal .223 value packs (Orange and Brea) and the one in Orange had lots of 9mm FMJ.

Turners in Orange had 9mm FMJ as well as some overpriced .223. The big thing was they had several bullet button ARs there. They had the Ruger piston gun and a couple of others, one from Stag and I forget the other model. They had about 5 total. I think I talked a guy there into buying one. He and his friend (both of these guys were in their 40s) were looking at them and I made a comment about how I owned a similar rifle and how fun it was to shoot. They both started asking me questions and finally the guy turned to the counter and told the guy he'd take it. He bought it right there, paid in full. Funny.

While there I also saw a very nice Scout M1A with a walnut stock.. I was tempted to buy it but couldn't get myself to pay the $1800.00 they wanted for it. They also had a Garand there that was in pretty decent shape with a 3,xxx,xxx serial number from 1945. That was going for 8-900 I think.

Edit: Opps, meant to put this in the General Gun discussion but I guess it fits here too.