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02-26-2010, 11:26 AM
Finally got some alone time with my new Rossi 461.

Initially looking to purchase a S&W or Ruger snub nose I ended up going with the Rossi because I am anticipating some moving expenses within the next few months and I need to save money.

I made my purchase from Bud's ($306 after shipping).

Two other CalGunners and I went to Camino Cielo shooting area above Santa Barbara yesterday.

First up was a box of Magtech 158 gr. This recoil was stiff (IMI recommends this ammo for the Desert Eagle because it cycles much more reliably) but not painful, or unmanageable.

I am a fairly big dude with some big hands and this gun is pretty small. There was a feeling out period and initially I couldn't have hit the broad side of the barn.

Next up were some hand loads I made with Hornady XTP and Speer JSP (both 110 gr). About half of each I loaded with H110, and the other half HS6.

Recoil was noticeably less with the hand loads and my accuracy improved significantly.

I may have had some unrealistic expectations with respect to the accuracy I could achieve with a 2" barrel but by the end of the day I was hitting everything within about 20 yards (also I've been focusing on my rifle marksmanship for the past 9 months so I was quite rusty).

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and as much as I love my other Smith (a K22 Masterpiece) I am glad I went with the "value" buy.

My final adjudication (with this and about $1.50 you might be able to buy a cup of coffee :-) ) - if you're on the market for a snub nose and you have the financial means to do so go with a higher end pistol (Colt, Ruger, S&W, etc). If you're concerned about saving money go with the Rossi. It will work fine and most of the anti-Rossi FUD I encountered on the internets (which almost disuaded me from making this purchase) seems to be just that - FUD.

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02-26-2010, 2:04 PM
Yeah, I like those guns for their concealability, lack of worrying about limp-wristing, and similar reasons. But they tend to be pretty uncomfortable to shoot due to the lack of mass in the weapon. They're really mostly for defense. Glad you dig it though.