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02-23-2010, 8:41 AM
How does the "High" junk setting work on Outlook 2007?

Our sales rep keeps trying to email our receptionist and it keeps going into her junk mail. We've tried a simple text only message with no signature and all combination of subject lines with very simple "hi" messages and they all go into her junk email. The issue isnt that she has the problem, its that emails are also sent to other people who may have the high setting and going into the spam folder.

Does Outlook's junk email use any external databases to check for junk?

02-23-2010, 10:11 AM
Note #3, which may be easiest for your application.
To configure the lists that Outlook 2007 uses in filtering junk e-mail, start Outlook 2007 and follow these steps:

1. Choose Tools, Options, and then click the Junk E-Mail button on the Preferences tab to open the Junk E-Mail Options dialog box.
2. Click the Safe Senders tab, and then click Add and enter the e-mail address or domain of the sender that you want Outlook 2007 to deliver to your Inbox, regardless of content or subject. Click OK, and then repeat this for each sender you want to add.
3. On the Safe Senders tab, select the Also Trust E-Mail From My Contacts check box if you want Outlook 2007 to always accept e-mail from senders in your Contacts folder, regardless of content or subject. You can also choose to select the Automatically Add People I E-Mail To The Safe Senders List check box.
4. Click the Safe Recipients tab, and add the target addresses or domains for which Outlook 2007 should allow messages (used typically to accept e-mail sent to a mailing list).
5. Click the Blocked Senders tab, and add the addresses or domains of junk e-mail senders whose messages you want Outlook 2007 to explicitly block.
6. Click the International tab, and select the top-level domains and types of language encoding that Outlook 2007 should always block.
7. Click OK to apply the filter changes.

02-23-2010, 1:56 PM
Chuck thank you for copy-and-pasting the directions to add a safe sender. Perhaps I wasn't clear on a point that this person sends emails out to clients and I am trying to figure out why he is going in her spam filter with her junk settings on high. If our receptionist has her email junk set to high, surely others also have their email set to high, and the fact that he cant send a simple "hello" message with to her and it goes into spam is troubling.

02-23-2010, 9:17 PM
Have you checked the Rules? Maybe she somehow setup a rule to send all of that guys emails to junk.

As weird as it sounds I've seen it happen from people who are considered "computer illiterate".