View Full Version : How to: AB10 CA legal???

02-23-2010, 1:29 AM
A friend of mine has a AB10, what exactly does he have to do to make it CA legal? Will a magazine lock, and limiting the 30rd. magazine to 10rd. work? If it has a mag lock it can have "evil" features (mag outside pistol grip) right?? I don't even want to be near the damn thing at the range or elsewhere until its legal. :eek:


02-23-2010, 5:10 AM
Yes, if you make the mag a permanent 10rnder and cut the magcatch down so it sits just in the receiver so u can't use ur hand to release the mag, you will be good to go! Pm me and I may have a duraglock 10rn magblock shim and there is also another calgunner that amkes replacement mag catches so u don't cut ur original mag catch!

02-23-2010, 5:12 AM
Pm me later for details, I'm typing from my phone so I don't have all the details right now! Its very easy though!

02-23-2010, 5:46 AM
Thanks a lot, I'll pm you later

02-23-2010, 8:36 AM
Here is the great calgunner that made some AB10/AP9 mag catches up for us.

And this great calgunner Duraglock/Solar Tactical now makes the mag inserts for the AP9/AB10 magazine, so you can have a 10/20round mag. You just gotta seal the baseplate permanently. My AP9 will be ready to rock in roll by today.. Cant wait, they are fun.


03-16-2010, 9:19 PM
Nice to know that there is a way to do this easily...