View Full Version : Winchester factory closing end of March, 2006

01-22-2006, 5:57 PM
Winchester 1300's will be discontinued. Winchester Model 94 and Model 70 will also be discontinued.

After the end of March, 2006, there will no longer be a Winchester factory:


The Winchester name is owned by the Olin Corp. They make the Winchester ammo, as they have for many years. Some years ago they sold US Repeating Arms Co a license to use the Winchester name on firearms. Later, USRAC was bought by a French conglomerate. Still later, USRAC was bought by the Walloon government (that is a part of Belgium) and made a part of FN Herstal, which already owned Browning and what is left of Fabrique Nationale. In recent years, some Winchester guns have been made in New Haven Conn., some in Belgium, and some in Japan. USRAC also has facilities in South Carolina (or is it North Carolina?), but I don't know if they make any guns there.

FN Herstal has announced it is closing the New Haven plant. Some of the guns made there may be made in SC in the future.

In the meantime, the license to use the Winchester name on firearms is due to expire next year. The name is still owned by Olin. Nobody seems to know what is going to happen to that.



01-22-2006, 6:06 PM
Winchester will soon only offer auto shotguns and discontinue pumps. Since FN's TPS is essentially a Winchester 1300 pump will FN discontinue their pump shotguns.

Why is Winchester discontinuing pumps? Are most shotgun sales autos?