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02-21-2010, 9:43 AM
Bullets and Brass, LLC (http://www.getbulletsandbrass.com) is now sponsoring a non-profit organization called Hunters Helping Soldiers (http://www.huntershelpingsoldiers.org/index.html). This organization helps take our wounded warriors out on all paid for hunting and fishing trips to help thank them for their service and to welcome them home. This organization also has a kids camp called Camp Hoorah (http://www.huntershelpingsoldiers.org/camp-hoorah.html) for the kids of parents killed in action or currently serving overseas.

The Bullets and Brass crew wishes to help this organization meet its goals as we personally know family and friends who have served, been wounded and killed in action.

We are currently donating proceeds from the sale of our moly coated bullets, brass, hardcases, range gear and when you purchase 4 or more of our MTM ammo boxes.

We will donate money from the sale of any of the following items:

Moly coated bullets in any quantity. (http://www.getbulletsandbrass.com/Lead_cast_bullets.html)

Range gear - any item, any quantity (http://www.getbulletsandbrass.com/Range_gear.html)

SKB hardcases - any quantity (http://www.getbulletsandbrass.com/Hardcases.html)

Ammo boxes (4 or more) (http://www.getbulletsandbrass.com/Accessories_Page.html)

Brass (http://www.getbulletsandbrass.com/Brass_store.html)

We also have a donation button on our main page (http://www.getbulletsandbrass.com) if you would like to just contribute to Hunters Helping Soldiers.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us about this fundraiser.

02-25-2010, 4:54 PM
So far we raise some money for this great organization, but I know we can do more for our troops! Show your support and stock on on reloading supplies today.