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pennys dad
02-17-2010, 8:45 PM
Hi Everyone

Just a friendly reminder of the up coming Calguns event. I hope to see you there

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This is just a friendly reminder of the Shoot ‘n’ Q featuring “Tactical Advantage Concept” (TAC) is coming to Lytle Creek Shooting Park this March 20th, 2010. Retired is coordinating this event with the Lytle Creek Shooting Park.
We have these activities active around this event. If you wish to participate in the Shoot ‘n’ Q please let us know, Thx!
• Lytle Creek Shooting Park Shoot ‘n’ Q featuring “Tactical Advantage Concept” (TAC): March 20th – “Retired” is coordinating.
• Group Ammo Buy, "Exposed" is handling the Group Ammo Buy (Send all PM's to Exposed), Payment and order in before Feb 28th.
• Tactical Advantage Concept offered training sessions:
o New Shooter/Beginner Session $20
o Tactical Intermediate Pistol $20
o Tactical Carbine $20
o Each session will be 3 hours
• Lunch time Pot Luck/Bring a Dish
o Mrlonewolf will bring a BBQ grill and do RSO duty
o EM31 will bring a BBQ grill
o A 3rd BBQ grill would be great
o Pennys Dad will bring 10lbs carne asada 12 Hot links
o SirLoki RSO duty (pending)

If your interested in coming let us know.


Jacob aka Pennys Dad

pennys dad
03-05-2010, 7:11 PM
Find me and say, Hi!