View Full Version : Glock owner lost his gun to local PD

Capt. Speirs
02-15-2010, 2:14 PM
A customer is asking me to pick up his Glock and register it to his father for he can no longer own guns, Felony Conviction. What is the quickest way to get the gun from the PD property department, they have a policy of property left over 60 days is subject to disposal. He already used up 30 days getting a DOJ release authorization from the state. The local PD has the release authorization for the gun but not to him. The form claims that an FFL must do the transfer to another person. BTW, he also has a shotgun there too.

02-15-2010, 2:44 PM
I checked into getting a firearm from LAPD and all that was needed was the person to go in with me to the investigator and and sign a form that he was allowing me to pick it up. There was nothing from he DOJ needed, just my paperwork.