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02-09-2010, 10:09 AM
I am very upset that the East Palo Alto Policeman thretened to shot open carry folks. I see this as an infringement on our civil rights as much as if a police man said he wanted to shot Rosa Parks for sitting in the front seat of a bus.

Open carry is a civil rights protest. The persons are acting legally and publically trying to protest our restricted Gun Rights, much as Rosa Parks protested segregation by refusing to give up her bus seat.

This rouge cop needs to go, this is not a joking matter.

we must form some sort of protest, picket the police department, attend hearings, make sure this bad cop is punished, make sure that the police department starts a "sensitivity training program" towards open carry members of the public.

This rouge cop needs to be sent looking for work, and the police department must take affirmative action to make sure this behavior will not be tolerated at all. The police must make a statement that they support our right to open carry, and will have no part of the harrasment tactics as expressed by this horrible cop that makes death threats to legal protesters.

frankly the police chief needs to be fired at this point, as the chief has failed to remove this so called cop from the street.

this is an aboslute infringement on our rights, his threats of death are not funny, he needs removal. this is worse than a highjhcaking joke in the airport security line, this guy is a cop, he should be held to a very high standard. A standard he cant posssibly meet.

I call for a letter writing campaign, public demonstrations, sit ins, march on the police headquarters, get this guy fired, and get a the police department to treach Constitutional Rights to its employees and sensitivtiy training to gun owners!

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The wheels are in motion, the complaints have been filed, we'll see what EPAPD does about it.

But until that happens...:beatdeadhorse5:

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Dupre of a dupe.