View Full Version : WTS 15cc syringes of Lubriplate SFL-0 grease

02-05-2010, 4:51 PM
(This is a double post - please delete) After reading good things about Lubriplate, I bought a tub of Lubriplate SFL-0 grease and lubed up a rough running romy that I have. Wow did it ever smooth it out. Put it on my FAL and did the same. I am refinishing my new p225 and will be putting it on that when I finish it up too. I bought a bunch of syringes and am filling them up with the grease to sell. This stuff is non toxic (used in food manufacturing machines), doesn't smell and won't stain your clothes. The 15cc syringe full of grease with reusable cap is $6.00 plus + $3 shipping. If you want one just post or send me a pm.
Here is a pic of the syringe: