View Full Version : GSG-5's for $430 shipped (HK MP5 clone in .22lr)

02-04-2010, 9:11 AM
A buddy of mine at Dry Dock Sports in North Dakota has quite a few ATI GSG-5's for $430 shipped. These come with 10 round mags. Contact Travis at drydocksports@daktel.com for more information. For those who don't know, these are the HK MP5 clones which are chambered in .22lr.

As you know, ATI is no longer making this particular model anymore because of an HK-filed lawsuit against them for patent infringement.

Tell him Zak sent you.

02-04-2010, 9:41 AM
new style or old style?
Any SD models?

02-04-2010, 10:23 AM
I traded an email with Travis at Dry Dock. Quick response. He said the SD is $460 shipped. He has to order it but can get it pretty quickly.