View Full Version : how many mods. can you make on a 10/22

01-09-2006, 5:02 PM
after all it is a RIMFIRE, not centerfire?????:confused:

01-09-2006, 5:30 PM
There is no end to it.

01-09-2006, 5:36 PM
There is no end to it.

I agree with DULLYJAY, the sky is the limit. Because it is a rimfire, you can put evil features on it also and do NOT have to fix a 10 round mag.

01-09-2006, 6:11 PM
I've seen 10/22s with so many mods on them they rival the price of custom .50 BMG rifles. Seriously, some people are not satisfied EVER with their 10/22 even after dumping $5000+ into it.

And then there's the CONVERSIONS!!! I've seen them turned into EVERYTHING including hand cranked gatling guns!

01-10-2006, 12:50 AM
If you are looking for ideas of things to do with your .22, head over to rimfire central (http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/).

If you are thinking how many Assault Weaponish characteristics, the term doesn't really apply:

2276.1. (a) Notwithstanding Section 12276, "assault weapon" shall also mean any of the following:

(1) A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine

01-12-2006, 2:30 PM
Endless mods! Nice gun.