View Full Version : Alameda Co. NRA MC mtg tomorrow nite (Tues 02 Feb): deal with Oakland antigun issues

02-01-2010, 11:30 AM
As you have seen from other threads bouncing around here in the RKBA/Legal/Political forum, the City of Oakland has an LCAV package of proposed antigun lawmaking. We need to stop it.

WHAT: This package has quite a bit of commonality with the (for now) dead LCAV attempt in San Mateo County, through their tool, San Mateo County Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson. Over the last two months, the combined work of a ton of NRA members & Calgunners (plus CA NRA legal team) helped stomp this out (at least for now).

Note that the Association of Bay Area Gov'ts ("ABAG") is an unelected regional superagency that the LCAV is now trying to use as a vector to inject its package into local city/county gov'ts. They're using ABAG, since their direct-level efforts have failed. I believe many hundreds (if not over a 1,000) gov't entities (cities + counties) have already rejected these LCAV moves.

ABAGger "Immediate Past President" (yes, it's an actual staff role) + San Mateo County Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson couldn't carry LCAV's outside agenda into her own county, so she's trolling for other counties to drop this c**p into. Significantly, Oakland City offices are very close to the main ABAG office.

This is, in a way, a continuation of the prior fight in San Mateo - it just drained out elsewhere.

Additionally, there may be the chance (perhaps Oaklander can double-check) there could be Brown Act violations in timings of announcements, meetings, etc. Things like this can cause "clock reset" on not only this issue but other city issues at the same meeting if announcements/ meetings don't have proper notice period. (Brown Act claims can sometimes be used to affect a lot of unrelated law if some sneaky meeting scheduling is used in an attempt to 'hide' a specific issue, like this one, from public commentary.)

OTHER BACKGROUND: There now seems to be little love lost between LCAV's Juliet Leftwich and 'certain people' in the DOJ Firearms Burea, especially regarding issues about achievability vs. extent. So LCAV is out hanging on a rope here and it's time for us to press the issue.

Remember also that Oakland is broke and has real priorities. I learned that BATFE agents talking to Oakland cops have said that one of the biggest issues in Oakland gun crime is "Baby Mama Drama" -- gang members use their girlfriends (with clean records) to buy guns for them in order to keep support money going to the mom/baby. But there is reluctance at the Alameda Co. DA level to go after these women due to "politics". And Fed US Attorneys are so busy that they don't handle these matters even when a few 10year sentences would be useful...

7:30PM.... TUESDAY 02 FEBRUARY 2010
WHERE:Sergio's Pizzeria
151 W. Juana Ave.
San Leandro, CA 94577


Map: http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=m&lat=37.723399&lon=-122.154574&zoom=16&q1=150%20W.%20Juana%20Ave.%20San%20Leandro%2C%20CA

Please be respectful of parking/other customers, as we want to
be appreciative of the fine NRA-friendly owners of this venue.


02-01-2010, 11:55 AM
Doesn't this conflict with the Oakland City Council meeting? Which is more valuable to have CGN butts in seats at?

02-01-2010, 12:03 PM
Doesn't this conflict with the Oakland City Council meeting? Which is more valuable to have CGN butts in seats at?

Hmmm. Dammit, yeah good catch. Probably BOTH unfortunately, and I'm tied up here and can't make it.

The MC meeting will be dealing not with the immediate action but longer-term sustaining action to kill it (i.e, after we mob the meeting).

02-01-2010, 1:40 PM
Let's pack the Council chambers; it's easier to play catch-up internally than if these ordinances proceed forward tomorrow.

02-02-2010, 9:57 AM