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02-01-2010, 7:25 AM
Ok all, I've been reading your forums for the last couple of weeks and have come to really trust the advice that I've seen here so please chime in where ever applicable.

I am currently in the process of trying to build my first AR10. My current shopping list looks like this.

CMMG Lower - $400 ordered and is in shop, waiting for me to start DROS process
Daniel Defense Rail - $400 available at dealer
Magpul PRS - $285 available at dealer
DPMS - assembled upper - $990 (24" fluted bbl and A3 upper) on order with DPMS and wont ship for approximately 3 months

Figure $80 for a lower parts kit, $20 for bullet button, $150 for BUIS and the grand total comes out to about 2325.

I was really happy with this configuration (except for the wait for the DMPS upper of course) but then I went to the gun show in OC yesterday and I visited the JD Machine booth it made me go into obsession mode and i've been thinking about nothing else for the last 15 hours...

They have a built AR10 that has the following:

JD Machine Lower
JD Machine Upper (looks really sick together by the way) with either 20" or 24" Krieger or Rock Creek bbl
PRS Stock
Daniel Defense rail
Magpul BUIS

Now, asking price on this baby is 2700 with military discount but before tax. After tax i'm looking at around 2900...

What I'd like to know is if anyone has experience with JD Machine stuff. Sure, the JD Machine rig looks really really sick and Jesse was a super cool guy, but is it worth the 650 bucks and the hassle of having to get a refund from the guys I ordered my CMMG lower through? I really don't want to wait another 10 weeks (minimum) for my DPMS upper, but i can't justify the price to myself...

Please help!!


02-01-2010, 9:46 AM
JD Machine is top notch stuff. They used to be Kaiser Defense and made the Calguns lowers. They became JD after an internal split and continue to produce high quality receivers, just under a new logo (plus they make receivers for other well known companies). After I saw the matched .308 upper & lower in the shop last week I too have developed a case of .308itis.

02-01-2010, 10:02 AM
I'm from Northern California, but I've got .308itis as well. At the SHOT show I saw the J&J (down ya'lls way somewhere right?) built .308 , seems pretty solid. They guarantee 1/2 MOA.

02-01-2010, 10:10 AM
Based on my own experience I think you're paying about $60.00 too much for the PRS, my guess is that you'll want a better than stock trigger so add at about $130.00 (Rock River 2 stage is inexpensive minimum) unless you plan on stoning away on your own?

I've seen the heavy barreled DPMS at the last Vallejo show for $850.00 and at the Reno show late last year for $800.00 - couldn't tell you if it was fluted though. I think you can find one sooner & at a better price than nearly $1K.

I guess I got off relatively cheap on my 308 build. Paid $400.00 for the POF lower and $750.00 for a DPMS AP4 upper with a railed forend. Paid $125.00 for the RRA 2 stage and $80.00 for an ACE stock - probably another $100.00 for odds & ends like ambi selector, 1913 type gas block.

Not to say that what I have is equal to J & J - they may be the way to go for best accuracy, certainly better than what I have.