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02-01-2010, 6:50 AM
Microstamping update!

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Subject: News Briefs Addendum- Microstamping Rule Comment Period in CA starts.........NOW- Goes until February 17, 2010

To All,
Okay folks, hang on to your hardware. The Office of the Attorney General had announced the public comment period on the regulations apparently needed to implement the microstamping requirement for new semiautomatic firearms under Penal Code Sections 12125 and 12126 back in December of 2009.

Comments are due by 1700 hrs on February 17, 2010, to-

Jeff Amador- Field Representative
Department of Justice
Division of Law Enforcement/Bureau of Firearms
PO Box 160487
Sacramento, CA 95816-0487

(916) 263-0256

Backup Contact- Leslie McGovern (916) 263-4883

(Note- Above address is the one listed at the DOJ website and in the OAL register).

or at

Jeff Amador- Field Representative
Bureau of Firearms
4949 Broadway,
Sacramento, CA 95820

or at


General Information Phone: (916) 263-4887 Fax: (916) 263-0676

The rules are apparently needed despite no apparent indication yet that the Attorney General has found a suitable and reliable micro-stamping system, unencumbered by patent restrictions, that could put the required impressions on two separate locations on an ejected casing.

Strangely enough, the rules seem to mention adding the authority by rule to permit some additional kind of alternative micro-stamping technology, again if certified to be unencumbered by patent restrictions. (Buena Suerte, amigo.).

Given the false positives problems, the potential for ejection problems given that stamped numbers have to appear on the outer surface of the ejected cartridge, and that the current technology seems to use a "press-fit" tab-cum-impression-stamp installed by interference fit into a machined recess of the chamber (Like who in God's name wants to buy a pistol with a thinned area in the chamber????), this sucker has been the worst version of the idea since Gutenberg first tried the "movable type" process commercially in 1455.

But then again, we are talking about a law drafted the same clowns who have brought the Fool's Golden State to the brink of April Fool's IOU's in record time from the last budget debacle.

Anyways, write now, write often, BE NICE (Remember the Movie "Road House"?). No matter what, as a wise old sage keeps reminding us, BE NICE.

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