View Full Version : Very Important Fundraiser event for Rep. Mike Wassserman in Santa Clara County.

01-30-2010, 6:08 PM
Just learned about this local election which has great impact on 2A rights in the Santa Clara County.

The incumbent Rep. Don Gage, the Santa Clara County Supervisor for District 1 is coming to the end of his term. FIVE democrats and one Conservative Republican, Mike Wasserman (mike@mikewasserman.com), who supports the Constitution and 2A rights will be running for the seat this November. He needs the support of gun owners to contribute money AND VOTE for him this Fall. He's gaining lots of early headway and will be a serious contender.

There is a Fundraiser ( at a very nice private Mansion ) being held in Morgan Hill this Thursday evening at 5:30 PM to help raise money for his campaign. All CG members and 2A supporters are welcome and invited to attend. Details are below.

Mike's stars are all lined up with all the infighting of the Dems. We need this guy on our team. He is the current Mayor of Los Gatos, is very well connected with San Jose and Santa Clara County Officials, and has been a San Jose City Council Member. He's a shoe-in if we can support him. We need San Jose resident voters to make this happen! Please get the word out to everyone you know.

If we lose this seat to a Dem, it could affect many far reaching aspects concerning further restrictions on our 2A rights in the Santa Clara County.

Please, if you have the time to attend, help Mike out. There will be a Tri-Tip dinner, drinks, and fine wine for the attendees.

Here are the details on the this weeks fundraiser (below). If you go to his website, Mike@MikeWasseman.com, you will find his future fundraiser schedule if you cannot attend this Thursday's event.

If you cannot attend, please dig deep and send a donation by mail. To ignore this, could mean further 2A rights restrictions from a Dem, which we all know what that means.

Thank You,
Barry Redding
(408) 623-0021


01-31-2010, 7:23 AM