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01-29-2010, 8:36 AM
Hello fellow members
I wanted to introduce myself and finally come out of my cave and be vocal for a change. I am not new to this forum or its affiliated sites and have followed them for a few years now, but I have never once posted anything nor did I ever register as a member before now. I had several reasons for this, mainly due to keeping my privacy after reading these forums and some of the conversations that have been engaged on here, especially when it comes to LEO’s trolling these boards. I have nothing to hide believe me, but sometimes I believe that unnecessary attention could create drama and sometimes less is more. I have always been a silent proponent to the second amendment and for the matter the entire constitution. I am a member of the NRA, the Heritage foundation, etc… I have even sat down face to face with a candidate running for Sacramento County Sherriff and asked him some tough questions that I had concern with. I am not here to endorse anyone, I am not here to provide legal advice to anyone, I am here because every morning when I get out of bed and the news comes on I hear about another one of our basic liberties being stripped right before our eyes and gun control happens to be one of those basic liberties that I take very seriously. I am 40 years old just about and grew up in the 70’s, I have a college degree and a great career in information technology and am the IT director for an insurance company in the Sacramento area. I will start donating to this foundation as well as the Madison Society. When it comes to our own government breaking the laws or rules with no regard to what the basic principals of the country were founded on, I have a huge problem with that. I was in the military and loved humping an M-16 around with me and throwing a grenade here and there. But what I like the most is the oath that I took, I promised to uphold, protect, and defend the constitution of the united States of America, then Clinton took office, closed down bases, let gays into the military etc….. being in the military gave me great pride to wear that uniform and to know I was helping to protect my country. I hate seeing our basic rights taken from us daily……..

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Welcome to Calguns

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Hello and welcome to calguns!!!