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01-28-2010, 6:34 PM
This thread is meant to provide a concise listing of large or popular companies with anti-2A or anti-CA-2A policies.

What this isn't for: We don't care about "this small shop in Nevada won't ship rifles to California on gunbroker". Likewise, we don't need to hear that tech company X bans firearms from its premises. Almost all office jobs do.

What this is for: If a large or popular company has policies which are anti-2A or anti-CA-2A, it may be listed here.

Why can't I post to this thread? Instead of having a mingled discussion thread with thousands of posts, this one-post-per-company thread will provide a much better "at a glance" view. If you want to discuss it, click the link in the summary and you can post in the related discussion thread.

Criteria for inclusion should pass the test of affecting many people. For instance, a no-employee-gun policy at a small store is affecting a handful of people. A no-employee-gun policy for all pizza delivery drivers of a large national chain, does affect thousands of people - and perhaps that should affect peoples' choice of pizza.

The form of descriptions in this thread shall be:
[Company name] [Category of position]
[Link to thread discussing it]
[line or short paragraph describing policy]

If you have a company to list, then please feel free to contact a mod or use 'report post' to request that we post a link to the discussion thread.


Sportsman's Guide - CA-RKBA unfriendly
Sportsman's Guide's policy is not to send anything AR-15 related to California - including furniture and front sight adjustment tools.

01-28-2010, 6:44 PM
Claim Jumpers - Phoenix-area restaurants have a "No Firearms" policy
This appears to be a district or regional level policy, as noted in post #62, NOT a corporate policy.

Peets Coffee - No firearms allowed for non-LEOs
"Our policy at Peet's is not to allow customers carrying firearms in our stores or on our outdoor seating premises unless they are uniformed or identified law enforcement officers."

02-02-2010, 4:19 PM
California Pizza Kitchen - No open carry
Open carry banned at all CPK's. Unfortunately, at present I'm unaware of any thread on just the CPK ban.