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01-22-2010, 5:52 AM
If I live in the city does the application have to be signed off on by the Chief of Police, or can I have the county Sheriff do it? Reason being I know I can get the Sheriff to go for it but the Cheif is a POS from LASO that moved up here to retire. He won't even let the Officer have AR's.

01-22-2010, 5:54 AM
Are you talking about an 01 or an 03 FFL? I'm not knowledgeable about the 01, but for the 03, the CLEO doesn't sign off. He gets a copy of what you are sending the feds.

01-22-2010, 6:13 AM
It has to go to the chief of police. As stated he doesn't sign off, he gets a courtesy copy when you mail in your application to BATF. He would have to take the time to read the application, (doubtful he sees it, it gets filed) then contact the BATF and build a case that you should not have a license.


01-22-2010, 7:33 AM
If this is an 01 application, the number one thing you have better done before doing anything is make sure the local agency in charge of business licenses will issue you a business license. If you are trying to become a gun dealer and you can't get a business license, you can't be a gun dealer. The Feds will take your $200, they will actually give you an FFL at that address, and then the state will tell you no because you don't have a business license. Then when you have to scramble to find a place to do business, then you will have to amend your federal license.

If this is a 03 C&R, then no worries.

01-22-2010, 8:08 AM
I was talking about an 01, sorry. So 01's don't get signed off on either? Good point about the business license, it's a small town and I'm sure they'd screw me there too.

01-22-2010, 8:27 AM
I was talking about an 01, sorry. So 01's don't get signed off on either? Good point about the business license, it's a small town and I'm sure they'd screw me there too.

It is the business license that needs to be signed off. You may be screwed; although, small towns may be easier.

01-23-2010, 8:41 AM
We have submitted our 07FFL, met with the local ATF agent, and we are now just waiting for it to come in the mail from back east. We will be producing quality, California legal, AR's en masse starting next month. I thought it was funny when the local PD commander called me up and asked if he even needed to retain his copy of the FFL application! He was ready to circular file it, but I asked that he PLEASE retain it for future reference. They don't have a sign off on the form, but they ought to hold onto it so when the state or feds check up on ya, they have proof you complied with the law.

The big thing for an 01 or 07 FFL is to carefully read the zoning laws. For instance, our 10,000SF facility is perfectly legit for manufacturing (even EBR's,) but we cannot do retail sales without a conditional use permit. The point here is that your facility, even if it is a home, may not qualify for your intended use, but you may have the option of doing a CUP. In our town, a CUP is right around $5000. It's not cheap, but it is an option worth considering depending on the demographics and local competition. There are attorneys in just about every town that can help you navigate the process (and grease the wheels as you go!) Good luck and give us a call when you're up & running!

01-23-2010, 12:27 PM
As the others have already said, make sure your town (whoever issues business licenses) will let you open a retail firearms store. My town allows it but the PD's Community Services Officer has to approve it. That took having her come out to my shop and inspect our entrances and exits, alarm system and the like. It was pretty easy actually.

01-23-2010, 8:45 PM
Different jurisdictions have different requirements.

For instance, my 01 FFL Business is in an unincorporated area of our county. I had to obtain a "Firearms Dealer License" issued by our Sheriffs Office, to be renewed annually. The BOF was well aware of our County's requirement.

I'd check with your friendly Sheriff first and if he wasn't sure of the city's requirements, I'd call the BOF to see if they had any info on your particular city's requirements.

As was mentioned previously, ATF will issue but BOF may not approve your CFD without the proper local permit(s)...