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01-21-2010, 1:38 PM
I am preparing my application to the Sheriff for a Concealed Weapons Permit, and thought I would share a copy of their policy and some of my own thoughts/questions, as there seems to be a lack of information regarding San Mateo County. I have attached a recent copy of Sheriff Munks' policy, and if I can find it, I will post the copy that I obtained ~2 years ago. There is a HUGE difference b/w the two, it seems as tho they have been put on notice that they may get "Team Billy Jack'd", and have tightened up their policy severely.

Interesting highlights include:

A requirement of citizens to obtain and maintain a million dollar liability insurance policy
SMSD first requires you to apply to your local PD, if you live in an incorporated city. The PD will determine whether your good cause meets their criteria and then forward your application and their recommendation to the Sheriff. Local PD's issue to reserve officers/deputies but not to lowly "civilians". Thankfully I live in unincorporated territory and I can skip this BS.
Policy seems to imply that they WILL impose restrictions on your permit based upon the situations/circumstances described in your good cause statement.
The vast majority of the policy is focused on the good cause requirements and the shooting qualification. They seem to gloss over the "good moral character" issue . . . I wonder why :rolleyes:
There are a few contradictory statements: "An application for a CCW permit may be obtained at either the local PD or the Sheriff's Office" vs. "Each person requesting a CCW from the Sheriff's Office, providing they reside in unincorporated San Mateo County, will be given an application." Huh? Who the F is editing these things, a 10th grader?
Basically they say "**** YOU AND YOUR GOOD CAUSE, WE DONT CARE IF YOU ARE SAFE OR NOT" in a few different places: "no applicant has the right to a permit and the Sheriff is not required to issue a permit, even if all of the noted requirements are met"
They only allow one firearm on the permit and it MUST be registered to the owner.

I will try to find my older copy of their policy and post it up in a day or two. I am currently writing my good cause statement (they do give you a decent outline of what to write about ;) ), and I will run it by a few knowledgeable people before I mail it in. I have VERY good cause, the only things I lack are documented threats and restraining orders, because I haven't been victimized YET.