View Full Version : Gura on MacDonald at SHOT

01-21-2010, 8:10 AM
Went to the Second Amendment Foundation Panel Wednesday at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Joe Tartaro was the panel lead, folks on the panel were Larry Keane of NSSF, Alan Gottlieb of SAF and Alan Gura.

In his remarks AG said MacDonald is the necessary centerpiece to secure 2nd Amendment rights for all citizens (not just in federal enclaves). He declined to speak on cases he is going to file after MacDonald, but noted they need to be the right cases in the right order. Sound familiar?

He did say that folks should donate to SAF to support this fight, and take a new person shooting to continue our culture. He is a good speaker as you might expect, and his outlook on MacDonald is positive.

I thanked him for the California contingent.

Then I went downstairs and handled a VZ58...


01-21-2010, 9:04 AM
Thats really all that can be expected.

As for taking a new person shooting, I am proud to say all my hard work is paying off.
My brother finally recieved his first gun, a mossberg 500 with the 18"/22" barrell config. And a brother in the Union I'm in, a brand spanking new U.S. citizen from Europe, I have taken him shooting a few times and he now is the one calling me to take him shooting.
Oh yeah and my Dad, a Marine during Vietnam, who lost his love for guns during the war, wanted me to take him shooting every year on Fathers Day. 2009 was our first year, He likes my S&W 357 mag '686' Plus, and respects me for my safety, attention to detail, and patience with training people to enjoy this fine sport.

Almost makes me want to cry, maybe I can continue to swing my far left family a little more to the right, slowly but surely.:chris: