View Full Version : Olympic Arms Partner/M261 Uppers

01-18-2010, 1:59 PM
Just checking to see if anybody else has one. They seem to be somewhat hard to find. It looks like most people are using drop in bolts for the conversion.

I've had mine for about a year. I broke it twice. It was broken out of the box from Midway USA. Light strikes, and FTFs. I sent it back to Oly. They fixed it and sent me some extra mag springs to correct the feed issues as well. It took about a week. Good service.

Then I lost the firing pin retaining pin. No big deal just had to get another one. But I had to watch it sit there, busted, not working. . .

I like the upper, because it's a real AR. Not like the SW or Colt. I have the exact same set up on my .223 same weight, grip, forend, etc...

I've learned it's very picky about ammo.
CCI Stinger - Great
CCI Min-Mag - Very good
Winchester SuperX 1300 FPS (red box)- Very good
Remington Subsonic - Good
CCI Standard Velocity SHP - Good
Winchester Wildcat - Very bad
Remington Golden Bullet - Very bad
Winchester 36 GR. 333 ROUNDS LHP LUBALOY PLATED - Very bad

Any thoughts opinions on the Oly Arms upper?