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01-17-2010, 12:53 PM
I emailed him and he is absolutely in agreement with law-abiding citizens having a "shall issue" CCW policy -

Email -
Hi Tim,
Thanks for the question. I believe the law allows me to issue CCW's consistent with the "Shall Issue" policy and that is what i will do. I believe people have the absolute right to protect themselves and it is my job to protect that right and allow them to exercise it. I have a long documented history of this position, unlike my opponents who have done nothing to further the cause. Please see my attached platform and I hope to have your support.

Bret Daniels

His platform -

Contract with the Citizens of Sacramento County
The Reinvention of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department

In order to insure the citizens of Sacramento County understand the goals and beliefs of Bret Daniels, candidate for Sheriff of Sacramento County, I wish to express and pledge the following contract with each resident. I pledge to:

#1 Enhance Public Safety
Your safety shall not be compromised. The most important assets of the County of Sacramento are its citizens and families and I will work hard to protect you. I will enhance your and your family’s safety by fully staffing law enforcement patrols. As a result, officers will be more visible in your neighborhood which will prevent crime. For far too long, the citizens of Sacramento County have not been adequately protected while a top-heavy management model has kept officers sitting at desks inside of buildings. That must change now.

#2 Allow Responsible Citizens to Exercise Self-Protection
Your 2nd Amendment rights shall not be denied. For too long, only those connected to the right people or those giving a big enough contribution to the Sheriff have been able to exercise their right to self-protection. All those wishing to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights will be allowed to do so without unreasonable interference.

#3 Oppose Any Effort to Raise Your Taxes
Keeping taxes affordable shall be a priority. I will oppose any effort to raise your taxes to pay for additional public safety, not because I do not care about you and your family, but because I know that with a greater than $300,000,000 budget, the Sheriff’s Department does not have a revenue problem but instead a spending problem. I will bring my private sector business experience to build a strong business approach to the department that will allow for the full staffing of officers needed to protect and serve you properly.

#4 Improve the Quality Of Life
The right to enjoy pride in our County will be restored. I will enforce the County’s ordinances to eliminate blight and graffiti and will invest resources to make the County more attractive. I will work to make the County a place for citizens to be proud to call home and a place where they will feel safe in all environments.

#5 Develop Regional Partnerships
Saving money through shared regional efforts. I will work with other departments throughout the region to develop comprehensive cost-sharing approaches to various department functions such as the use of helicopters, SWAT and other law enforcement related needs working together to reduce cost and enhance service.

Bret Daniels

Within the first 100 days of taking office, I will have introduced, initiated, and implemented the Contract with the Citizens of Sacramento County.

Bret Daniels for Sheriff - Home Page

Hard Work Smart Work Bold Action

03-08-2010, 12:12 PM
I'm on board! Does he have a website where a concerned resident of Sac County can get involved in a "campaign", even if it only means bumper stickers and lawn signs?

Heck, I'd even wear a T-Shirt promoting him!

03-08-2010, 12:20 PM
McGuiness was also pro CCW at one point. Then he got elected.

Purple K
03-08-2010, 12:25 PM
Bret Danials had a booth at the Cal Expo gun show this weekend. I didn't get a chance to talk to him though.

03-08-2010, 12:39 PM
McGuiness was also pro CCW at one point. Then he got elected.

Really? Can you link to any articles or speeches he gave that say he planned on being more liberal with his GC than he turned out to be?

03-08-2010, 1:38 PM
Really? Can you link to any articles or speeches he gave that say he planned on being more liberal with his GC than he turned out to be?

I'll look for it later, I'm at work right now so can't really start googling CCW stuff. :)
I remember reading something somewhere a while back that he was going to have a more relaxed position when it came to CCWs, but once he got elected, he faced pressure from lawmakers in the Sacramento area to not issue them. It wasn't something that excited me so much that I bookmarked it or printed it out. It was something that was explaining why I wasn't going to get a CCW and not something explaining how I was going to get one.

03-08-2010, 2:01 PM
Not being from Sac County I don't have a dog in the hunt, per se, but how many are in the race at this point? Just curious.

03-08-2010, 2:14 PM
Bret Danials had a booth at the Cal Expo gun show this weekend. I didn't get a chance to talk to him though.

I talked with him and liked what he had to say regarding CCW and gun rights in general, but he also said that he needed to raise 20k in the next week just to get his name on the ballot. So I'm not holding my breath...

He did state flat out that if elected, he will make CCW shall issue though.

03-08-2010, 2:28 PM
Ive talked to him also. He as sheriff is unable to write legislation and change the law to make Sacramento County a shall issue county. He can however instruct his deputies to issue permits with self defence being a good cause. I dont belive he has enough backing at this point of the game. Bummer Id give him my vote even with the alleged allegations from his past.

03-08-2010, 3:27 PM
Not being from Sac County I don't have a dog in the hunt, per se, but how many are in the race at this point? Just curious.

Capt. Jim Cooper, who is an Elk Grove city councilman.

Capt. Scott Jones don't know to much about him.

And Bret Danials.

As far as I know it's just the three of them running.

03-08-2010, 6:29 PM
McGuiness was also pro CCW at one point. Then he got elected.

He's also a spineless weasel.

ETA: Wasn't his shall issue CCW stance just being used to try to get more funding?

03-08-2010, 6:37 PM

New Sacto Sheriff Candidate Supports CCW’s
Posted on October 6 2009 by Eric Hogue

As the saying goes, “there’s a new sheriff in town”.

A new man is looking to be the next Sheriff for Sacramento County; for the fourth time in his political career, Bret Daniels is running for the top cop’s spot in Sacto County.

Today Daniels came out with ’no holds barred’ campaign rhetoric, charging that predetermined sheriff candidates are things of the past, and an establishment that operates a budget for the likes of the administration and not the citizens, nor their deputies must be changed.

Bret Daniels – a man who doesn’t shy away from the tough topics – also promised that real, law-abiding citizens will be given their 2nd Amendment rights back, without needing to feel like they have to anti-up with a contribution to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.

Can anyone say ‘game on’ in Sacramento County?

Believe me, the previously announced candidates Captains Jim Cooper and Scott Jones paid close attention to Daniel’s early Monday morning press conference, and then his radio appearance on my noon “Capitol Hour”.

This much is true, Sacramento County is hurting for protection and leadership after the retirement of its respected Sheriff John McGinness.

Historic department reductions and a slew of internal criminal behavior over the past few months has the taxpayers of the county asking if there really is law and order for the county of the state’s Capitol.

Two budget reductions; one from the County Supervisors, and another due to an accounting error inside of the sheriff’s department, has the county down to 5-6 patrol cars in operation at any given time. Plus, the hundreds of deputies that have been laid-off over the past year due to budget cuts without excess funding from the state, or the federal government, has the department looking for its next leadership direction.

To add insult to injury, Sacramento City PD has been able to gain funding from both the state and the federal government, while the county has been refused (or ignored) on both occasions – something that finally took it toll on current Sheriff John McGinness.

Since the announcement from Sheriff McGinness’ retirement from the force, the talk has turned to who will replace him – and who would want to under the current budgetary situation.

The Sacramento Bee reported on September 22nd; ”five minutes before Sheriff John McGinness endorsed his No. 2 leader in the department – Capt. Scott Jones – to succeed him, former Sheriff Lou Blanas e-mailed the media announcing he was throwing his support to Capt. Jim Cooper.”

Besides trying to steal the thunder from McGinness and Jones, Blanas was putting to rest Monday a grass-roots movement in the department to draft him to run for the job himself.

As in years before, there always seems to be this presentation that the next sheriff of the county needs to be hand-picked by the establishment before they can be offered to the populace; something that has turned out to be bothersome this time around for the citizens of Sacramento County.

With evidence of a great unrest in the county giving reasons for today’s announcement, former Citrus Heights Mayor and City Councilman Bret Daniels decided to launch his run ‘against the establishment’, as he calls it.

In a morning press conference Daniels detailed his differences from the run-of-the-mill candidates in Cooper and Jones:

“This is a critical time when the citizens of Sacramento County need a proven leader with not only solid law enforcement experience, but political savvy and a strong sense of business.”

“I know what it means to be on the streets without a back-up unit nearby and what the officers working in Sacramento County face each day. I also know that the citizens of Sacramento County are at greater risk of being the victim of a crime today after the Sheriff’s misguided decision to lay-off over 100 full time deputies and hundreds of other part-time officers and civilian staff.”

“I will change that by restructuring the department and getting officers, including the dozens working in management in this building behind me, back on the streets and I will work tirelessly to quickly return very laid off deputy back to work.”

“I will start by immediately reorganizing what is a now bloated upside-down management model into the most efficiently rin law enforcement agency in the state, and I will insure that every dollar spent in this department is done so with the taxpayers of Sacramento County in mind.”

“We are here today to announce that the era of corporate entitlement and privilege is over. The time for accountability is now. It is time to reinvent the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and that reinvention must start at the top.”

“No longer will the people of Sacramento County settle for the anointed candidate as the last few Sheriff’s of Sacramento County have demanded. Time and time again, this has resulted in administrations unwilling to control spending and seemingly incapable of NOT making the kinds of mistakes such as the Sheriff’s recent incredible $15 million miscalculation that contributed to the laying off of more than 120 regular deputy sheriffs and hundreds of additional part-time deputies and workers.”

“No longer will only residents that are connected to the right people of those that give a big enough contribution to the Sheriff be the only one’s allowed to exercise their right to self-protection. All those wishing to exercise their second amendment rights will be allowed to do so without unreasonable interference.”

In speaking with Bret Daniels today on 1380 KTKZ, we discussed the every present issue of concealed carry weapons (CCW) for the residents of Sacramento County.

After the two reductions of county budgets this past year, radio callers and residents were begging for a real CCW issuance, but it never came. All the residence got was rhetoric and press conference hyperbole – it accomplished nothing but frustration for the residents of the county facing a growing fear of criminal behavior.

I asked Daniels what he would do to assure the residents of the county protection against growing crime rates and lowering law enforcement deputies, budgets and overall manpower. Daniels was clear on his stance of being in total support of the 2nd Amendment and a real CCW permit plan.

Here is Daniels entire interview on 1380 KTKZ.

The resignation of John McGinness has opened up a battle inside of Sacramento County, one that features two captains who represent the ‘inside of the department’, and one candidate now running as an outsider.

This race, like the rest, will be determined by the establishment – and, possibly the citizens of the county for a change. To the winner a terrible budget, a short deputy staff and a county that is infested with growing gang and criminal behavior.

To the Sacramento County Sheriff candidates, the best of luck in this campaign; to the winner, good luck afterward. You’ll need it.

03-08-2010, 7:40 PM
Id like to add that if Bret gets into the race. I will be one of his biggest cheerleaders. When he came by my store to see me I was very impressed with his answers to my 2A questions. I live in Citrus Heights and own a retail shop in Citrus Heights. I will be happy to decorate my store with his campaign signs. I just hope he can get the 20K to get on the ballot. If interested you can donate here (http://www.bretdanielsforsheriff.com/contributions.html)

Everyone needs to remember that if you want more of the same in Sacramento County then Jones or Cooper are your guys. They will be McGinness .v2
Bret will be the one that bulldozes the house down and build a new house from scratch. Jones or Cooper intend on adding on a new wing to the same old dilapidated house. Trust no one that gets endorsed by the current administration unless the current administration is what you are wanting.

03-08-2010, 10:40 PM
I just hope he can get the 20K to get on the ballot. If interested you can donate here (http://www.bretdanielsforsheriff.com/contributions.html)

Able to get enough signatures in-lieu of a filing fee (http://sheriffjay.org/blog/)?

03-09-2010, 5:39 PM
If any are proa CCW I'll be looking for a place in their county ASAP.

03-09-2010, 5:43 PM
I will vote for him.