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01-15-2010, 10:48 AM
Yes I did a search, this has been covered sporadically here and there but I felt this warranted a new thread.

So... I'm on the market for a snub nose .357.

Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is S&W. Well, nothing against them at all, as they make fine weapons, and I sure love shooting my K22 masterpiece Ė but I feel they are overpriced. If youíre willing and have the means to pay what Smiths are currently going for, thatís great. I just have a hard time justifying spending more on a snub nose that I did on my Springfield TRP.

The Ruger LCR intrigues me but a variant chambered in .357 currently is not available.

Anyway, Bud's has the Rossi 461 for $295. Iíve read all the reviews I can. There are some bad ones, but most are positive. The general consensus seems to be that itís a reliable, well-made gun and a good value for the price.

So yeah, Iíve done my research but I wanted to see what my buddies at CalGuns have to say. Do you have any experiences (good or bad) with Rossi, specifically the 461? If so Iíd like to hear about them before I click ďconfirm order.Ē

Thanks for your time!

01-15-2010, 10:52 AM
Got one..works great...always go bang. The trigger pull is heavy...I drop-in a Wolff Spring Pack to make it perfect.

01-15-2010, 10:56 AM
What maddoggie said.

01-15-2010, 6:04 PM
Order placed :D

01-15-2010, 6:09 PM
I have two the 4" and the 2".

02-17-2010, 9:49 PM
Well Osprey, how'd it work out? Happy purchase, I hope? Just looking for another report, I was looking at these also!