View Full Version : All Sold Kershaw, SightMark, Surefire, Front Sight Cert.

Shawn L
01-14-2010, 6:04 PM
I have for sale the following items, I'm in Riverside and would prefer FTF but I may be willing to ship.

Kershaw Storm II with serrated blade. SOLD

Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight SM13003B $35 $30 SOLD

Surefire P90 bulbs, one was opened but not used these are for 3 celled Surefire lights. ie. 9P, C3, D3, Z3. No longer for sale

SOLD Front Sight I have 1 First Time Student Front Sight training certificate. This certificate is good for either 2 people to attend:
-Two Day Defensive Handgun
-Two Day Practical Rifle
-Two Day Tactical Shotgun
Or for one person to attend:
-Four Day Defensive Handgun
-Four Day Tactical Shotgun
-Four Day Practical Rifle
This certificate cover the entire cost of the courses up to a $2,000.00 value. This certificate does not have an expiration.

01-14-2010, 6:10 PM
I'll take the front sight certificate

Shawn L
01-15-2010, 7:56 PM

Shawn L
01-17-2010, 10:04 AM

Shawn L
01-18-2010, 12:44 PM

Shawn L
01-19-2010, 12:34 PM

Shawn L
01-20-2010, 11:21 AM
Come on guys

01-20-2010, 11:52 AM

Shawn L
01-21-2010, 12:13 PM
^ Don't PM me with you'll take it and then not respond to my PM's.
Items still for sale.

Shawn L
01-22-2010, 1:40 PM
Bump :confused:

Shawn L
01-23-2010, 3:15 PM

Shawn L
01-24-2010, 2:22 PM
Kershaw SOLD thanks Biff...

Shawn L
01-25-2010, 5:37 PM

Shawn L
01-26-2010, 6:04 PM
Only Surefire left

Shawn L
01-28-2010, 8:41 AM
Surefire $20 for both