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12-22-2005, 9:31 PM
I was wondering if thier was anyone that would allow me too shoot an ar15 that they own.I am thinking on getting one but i would like too shoot one first i live in merced and i could travel as far as 100 miles to any location i live close too modesto . thanks for any replys:)

12-23-2005, 1:51 AM
I have two registered un-neutered AR's in L.A.- I haven't been to the range in ages, and need to sight both in.. I may be planning a shooting trip sometime next month if you'd like to meet up. I usually shoot on weekdays at Angeles.


12-23-2005, 3:59 AM
Just so you are aware, you cannot get an "AR-15" as of January 1st, 2000. What you may be wanting to get is a fixed-mag version of an AR-15. ;)

12-23-2005, 12:17 PM
Are u sure i think i can get one as long as it isnt a m60 lol :eek: I noo all about it:D

I was meaning c,a legal lower anyway
saki thanks for the offer but u are to far away from me i think your 4 hours from me.:)

-keith in mtn. view
12-23-2005, 2:50 PM
There's a list of CMP clubs at: http://clubs.odcmp.com/cgi-bin/clubSearchSubmit.cgi?clubMembership=OPEN&state=CA

They show the: Modesto Rifle Club - as a Senior Club with a Junior Division, and IMO that means there are guys shooting AR's.
Also at:

is a list of ranges that has contact info.

Modesto - Modesto Rifle Club, 900 Patterson Rd., Modesto, CA 95355.
Phone: 209-522-4342
Facilities include: Outdoor Pistol (up to 200 yds), Indoor Pistol (25 yds), Outdoor Rifle (up to 200 yds), Indoor Rifle (25 yds), Rifle Silhouette, Pistol Silhouette, Muzzleloading, Archery, Airgun
Range Access: Private
Click here for a map to the business:

My club (http://clubs.odcmp.com/cgi-bin/clubInfo.cgi?clubID=62)

has some Club-AR's and we also have Club M1 Garands, and Club M1 Carbines that are availble to shoot in our Practice shoots (first Sat. each month 8:AM), or at Matches (3rd Sat. each month, 8:AM).


12-23-2005, 4:17 PM
I know about modesto range but i think its private and u have too be a member too shoot there.I will call them and find out for sure maybe they have days open to the public.I am not worried about a range too shoot at i have access to land out in the country .Then again it gets boreing when u shoot along.I will ask some one there if i could shoot their gun i am sure they would let me.

-keith in mtn. view
12-23-2005, 4:55 PM
Since it's a CMP affiliated club you might find a lot of opportunities open up to you if join and become a member - it's not expensive (my club isn't anyhow) and that's how I got a M1 Garand, through my CMP club. To join my club it was simply a matter of showing-up at a Practice session and just doing it!
I really enjoy the structured shooting practices, and also the Matches (pretty much the same thing to me really, I look at everything as practice!), among a group of friendly and like-minded people who know a lot about Garands and about ARs, and a whole lot of othjer things too, like re-loading.
If you shoot alone and un-structured, it's hard to tell if you're efforts are making an improvement. I know that my skills have improved a lot in the past two years, since I started putting it (scores) into a spreadsheet!
Good luck and Merry Christmas!

12-23-2005, 8:24 PM
That sounds like fun kieth i will look into that i like being around people that likes guns and shooting as much as i do.I am going to check your club out too .The club shoots sounds great i could use all the help i can get.The last guy i told i was getting an AR15 looked at me funny:confused: He just doesn't get it.

-keith in mtn. view
12-24-2005, 12:20 PM
Ya know I'm sorry - I totally spazzed and replaced Merced with Modesto.
I know there's a lot of difference and distance between them!
Some of our guys come up here from Santa Cruz and Monterrey, but Merced would be a prety long haul.

Looking at the CMP list of Clubs in CA, maybe Tuolumne is closer?

Name: California Grizzlies

Location: PO Box 725
Tuolumne, CA
Type of Organization: Senior Club with Junior Division
Open Membership: This club is accepting new members
Club EMail: ctaylor@teamgrizzlies.org
Membership Contact: Connie Taylor
Phone (209) 928-3745
eMail: newsedit@mlode.com

Or even Coalinga - they have the for-real 600-yd range.

Merry Christmas!

12-31-2005, 1:36 AM
thanks for the the replies hope to get my own soon :)

01-08-2006, 7:14 PM
I live in San Jose but could probably meet you at the Livermore range if you want. I've got a 16" post ban built Fab10 and an M4gery Vulcan build. I've also got a 1919a4 and M1a. I don't know if that range will let the 1919 on their range though after all the crap they had to go through to get re-opened.

01-09-2006, 12:46 PM
If your interested I'm headed out to the Chabot range this coming weekend. Most likely saturday...that is as long as the weather stay's clear.