View Full Version : SA EMP 9?

01-13-2010, 3:49 PM
Worth the money? I have to say feels great in the hand. I sold all my 9mm and don't know if I want another but wifey likes it. The extra rounds over a sub compact .45 and lighter weight seem like a good idea for carry. 19 vs 13 rounds with an extra mag and one in the pipe. Gimme a reason not to spend the dough!

01-13-2010, 3:55 PM
my lady likes hers a little slim for my hands. ten rounds is ten rounds if its for you then id go with whatever you can shoot with. I can shoot my 1911 45 almost just as good as I can shoot any 9mm. so I out to go for a higher caliber. have you tried a full size 1911 in 9mm? try the kimber in 9mm or full size sa 1911. if you got the extra cash try to find a colt

01-13-2010, 4:03 PM
This would be a carry only weapon mostly for her. I also would go with the higher caliber usually. She is most definitely not going to carry a full size 1911 in 9mm. Colt what in 9mm sub compact 1911?

01-13-2010, 4:12 PM
try to find a colt commander in 9mm here in cali. its hard Ive been searching for one too. kimber offers some compacts in 9mm also.

01-13-2010, 6:24 PM
the EMP should be inherently more reliable than any .45 1911 that has been chambered for the shorter cartridge.

when Springfield re-engineered the EMP, they took into the consideration the timing/balance issues of the 1911 platform to insure reliablity. plus the EMP is basically a Pro Shop gun, that's why they started out a little tight for the first run, but they've been very good about correction any issues you may encounter.

these are reports i've found while researching purchase of an EMP. now i just have to deside if i want a XD Tactical or S&W 627 for competition or an EMP for carry